Why I must interfere in a neighbour’s Situation

Last night a young girl was running around the street at around 23:00 (11pm) screaming for help. Her Mother had fainted and both my wife and I went across as well as a lady from half way down the street. She had had an epileptic fit and was nearly unconscious. I rendered first aid but had to go back across when she was more awake as our son was fast asleep in bed (my wife went across to check on him every few minutes).

It emerged that her ex-partner had beaten her up in the house earlier in the day and smashed the place up. What makes it worse is that the woman is pregnant.

Why I intend to interfere.

Normally I don’t interfere in neighbours’ situations but then I don’t know anybody that beats up females. However this is not the only factor that has swayed my decision. This woman is pregnant and if he did it again there could be a chance that life could be extinguished.

If I didn’t interfere then a woman who has kids already may lose her child it’s as simple as that.

That would mean that 10 years of service in the British Army would have been for nothing and all the time helping people in other countries would have been a waste of time.

Yet again…rant over

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