Services: Web Development

GrandadEvans: Freelance Web Developer

An image showing a small sample of my code
A small sample of my code

The primary work I undertake as a Freelance Web Developer is… well… Web Development

For you this means:

  • You get web projects coded with modern best practice techniques
  • You get a reliable; trustworthy; hard-working and very honest worker
  • You get my vast life experience that allows me to adapt to unusual situations & improvise solutions to your unique problems
  • You also get over a decade of web development experience in various forms
  • You get a decade of British Army experience & all the benefits that hiring a decorated ex-soldier

You can read more my Freelance Web Developer business as well as the tools I use & much more on my My Web Development Page or you can just

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Services: Web Design

As well as being a Freelance Web Developer I also offer services such as Web Design.

There are occasions when you want someone you can trust but do not want to have to go through the hassle of looking for someone new. In instances such as these you can happily trust me to take care of work such as your Web Design.

As part of my Freelance Business I have a list of other Freelancers who I know & trust. I liaise with them so that your work is completed to the best possible standard.

You can be sure that all of these follow Freelancers are so trusted by me that I use them for any work I need doing that I am either too busy or not able to complete for my own sites.

Why not do your Web Design myself?

It would be a complete dis-service to you if your Web Design work was to be completed by me & you would not receive the standards that I pride myself on.

The Benefits to you

By outsourcing your work to others:

  • You get access to some fantastic Web Designers
  • You don’t have to handle them yourself & I’ll take care of everything for you
  • You pay one single cost for your project instead of many payments to many people
  • You get access to the Freelancers I use when I need skills I do not have


Other Services I Offer

  • Web Design
  • Copy writing
  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Identity

If you need any of these services then feel free to

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