General Election 2015 thoughts

2015 General Election

Well…one word! Bugger!

In the past 48 hours the Conservative party of the United Kingdom have won an overall majority (ie first past the post) victory in the 2015 General Election.

Also the Liberal Democrats it has to say have been trounced losing most of their seats with the resultant resignation of Nick Clegg. I personally think this is a great mistake although I totally and utterly respect his position at the head of a political party with such a low amount of votes.

My fear is that it is only now, with 5 years solely under a conservative Government will this country realise how much work the Liberal Democrats actually did whilst they were in a coalition with this Government during it's previous term. I fear that as a country as a whole we were not made aware of the actual amount of work that Nick Clegg and his party did in order to keep the planned Tory cuts in check.

Now with no coalition allies in place to try and keep this Government in check the Tories will let loose with a full pelt of cuts to public services, benefits and possibly sanctions against this countries immigrant population.

Sure! The countries defecate may be alleviated but public services will be totally broken.

NHS and immigration

I use both of these in the sub-heading as for me they are related. Thanks to the Hysteria and scaremongering from UKIP there has been what is in my mind an irrational explosion in the the fear of immigrants. Various parties have promised an array of benefits for the NHS but none of them have touched on what many would consider to be a vital point: If the NHS are to recruit the staff that they need in order to fill the necessary positions then many positions will have to be filled from a pool of health workers from overseas. I do not have hard and fast facts to hand to back up these claims, it is just what I have learned over the years; ny using common sense and from my recent trips to hospital.

This fear reminds me of Mo Szyslak from The Simpsons TV Series when he says “It's those immigants” although Szyslak is [as I understand it] a Polish name (I digress)!

Here's the problem: Once you cut public services and their buildings are forces to be sold, the land is then gone. The talented stock of employees that could have taken decades to build up have become disillusioned and left to seek employment at a more personally satisfying career.

Julia Hartley-Brewer has written a great article for the Telegraph called The Liberal Democrats have been punished for doing the right thing which basically outlines my fears and frustrations with the UK Electorate.


I shall also touch upon the success of the Scottish Independence Party (SNP).
I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the voter turn out in Scotland was much higher than the rest of the United Kingdom

The Scottish Independence Referendum or recent times excited many voters who had previously not had an interest in the political system. Admittedly the live TV debates have apparently increased voter turn out but in my mind we still saw the same old insults and blame games instead of a focus on future policies.

Leader's resignations

All I can say is that it would be great if many business leaders took the view of the 3 party leaders who today resigned. Coming from a military background as I do I am of the mind that if an organisation fails, the buck ultimately stops with the top man (or woman).

I have to say that I believe a fundamental mistake by the Labour party was to totally dismiss the idea that they would go into power along with the SNP. Whilst I totally understand their reasoning I do think that on this occasion it may have been political suicide as I'm pretty sure they would have kept several of their strong-holds in Scotland as well as having the option to go into power with the SNP.

As always I am a very opinionated person and it has to be said that I am by far an expert in the area of politics. I watch the news as often as possible and try and keep up with politics as much as I can in daily life. This not only makes me a “saddo” but a well informed person as to the state of our Great Britain!

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