My name is John Evans & I’m a web developer.

After 10 glorious years in the British Army I left to start my own business. Since then I have turned my hobby of well over 10 years into a career & I now work freelance for a variety of independent clients. The majority of my clients liked my work so much that they came back to me with return business.

If you want to meet up for a cuppa & a chat I’m usually available so just drop me a note.

John (Grandad)

  • Development

    Keyboard surfing

    Specialising in PHP OOP but also play with HTML; CSS; JS & SQL

  • WordPress

    Sites & Plugins

    Using existing tools I can craft your site the way you see it

  • Consultancy

    I want what's right you

    If you’re not sure what you need I’m quite happy to meet up & have a chat

This is a message I received from a good Army Buddy yesterday. Such a shame that so many of use leave it too long before getting help :-(

Mate have just read your ptsd site. As someone suffering even tho still in I just wanted to applaud your courage and bravado by speaking out
I've lost everything good I had by not dealing and am now that sad singlie living in the mess after going socially destructive.
Your work is inspirational bro. I haven't disclosed my problems to others (which similar to you is cied related but afghan) but you've made me realise I need to tackle it. Thank you.

Anonymous friend & good Army Buddy

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  • He has established a benchmark for other unit websites and should be rightly proud of his achievements.

    Major ****, Officer Commanding 230 Signal Squadron
  • John has an honest and pragmatic approach to his projects and his integrity means that he will work tirelessly to deliver his projects on time, to a high standard

    Mark Asquith, Director, DMSQD
  • John adapts quickly to different technologies and codebases, a desirable trait for a modern web developer. John's willing and eagerness to learn shows when speaking to him about new projects.

    Richard Keys, Director, Genius Division
  • I was advised to speak to John by a friend because i was having trouble setting up our new website. John not only helped with my original problem, but then went on to help with other numerous problems that we encountered. He made switching to the new website a breeze and would not hesitate to use his services again in the future

    Charlotte Marshall, Director, Poddle Pod UK Ltd