I'm a Web Developer from Barnsley in England. I specialise in PHP, HTML, CSS & MySQL. Before this I was an Instructor in the British Army for 10 years

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Why people should use my services
October 18, 2014

In this post I simply want to highlight why I believe people should hire me as a Freelance Web Developer. As well as my testimonials from previous (and current) ...

Over 87,000 signatures for the release of Marine A
October 11, 2014

I was shocked today to learn that there is a petition for the immediate release of “Marine A”. It appeared on my Twitter feed as   For 15 yrs he ...

Why I must work this morning
September 15, 2014

On my way back from walking Rowan to school this morning I opened up my pocket list and read a post that I had been meaning to read for a week or so. It was by Sgt. ...

Feedback from a friend on my PTSD post
May 15, 2014

This is a message I received from a good Army Buddy yesterday. Such a shame that so many of use leave it too long before getting help 🙁 Mate have just read your ...

Why I must interfere in a neighbour’s Situation
April 3, 2014

Last night a young girl was running around the street at around 23:00 (11pm) screaming for help. Her Mother had fainted and both my wife and I went across as well as ...

Pain Level Monitoring website

Sometimes when one has chronic pain it is good if one can keep an eye on one's pain levels. This can be good for a number of reasons When visiting a Doctor or ...

Holocaust Memorial Day
January 28, 2014

I take you through Holocaust Memorial Day - how the mind when it's surrounded by death, a survivor's story & try to decide whether the correct lessons have been learnt.

Swimathon 2014 – challenges, training and goals
January 25, 2014

Sponsor form link is the logo above My Training Week 1 Review Well, my first training week has finished and I’ll pleased to say that I’m still with it ...

Living with PTSD
January 8, 2014

Contents (this is a long page) My PTSD thought process How PTSD affected me: Self harming PTSD coping techniques Modern times & Living with PTSD My Wife – ...

Tommy by Rudyard Kipling
January 6, 2014

Even today this poem rings true. As a squaddie I was often ostracised for being such but when needed things always changed. I WENT into a public ‘ouse to get a ...