Latest case of black killed by white cop

Latest case of black killed by white cop


You may think that I am hard after my post asking if it right for us to ctitisize the Police after they shoot someone. However you will remember that I made a point on more than one occasion that Police Officers are paid professionals. So you should expect them to do a professional job and face disciplinary action when they overstep the mark.

You may have also seen the latest case of a black man whose life was killed by a white Police Officer (notice I use the word killed).

If you watch the video of the struggle that resulted in this an losing his life you might come to several conclusions.

  1. It might Be that you are like my Wife and decide that the man was trying to lift his shirt up and put his hands up.
  2. It might be that you are like me and your initial thoughts are that he was trying to stop the Officer to the front of him getting hold of his hands. I also can’t decide whether this coincides with the Officer under scrutiny putting his hands around the mans neck from behind.

As it happens there is such a thing as Justifiable and Excusable Homicide (you will see that I didn’t realise that when I started writing this post by reading what I actually post before I looked the definition up). For this reason I have no opinion on the verdict not to indict the Officer in question with charges.

You should let me know what you think though by commenting below. Do you agree with the decision or do you think he should face trial…and why.

It is correct that many suspected criminals complain of not being able to breath and if you give them the benefit of the doubt quite a few will try to run away…especially after resisting arrest which you may say that he was doing.

Regardless: you should expect an Officer to be held accountable for his actions when things go wrong.

My thoughts are with the family and friends of the deceased.

This is what I wrote before I actually read the legal definition of Homicide

Whatever you decide, the Coroner who investigated the killing decided that his death was due to Homicide. What you may not believe is that although the coroner ruled his death a homicide a Grand Jury have decided that the Officer should not face charges.I mentioned earlier that you should expect the Police protecting us to be brought to account when things go wrong. This for me is a prime example of that not happening. It seems to me that the Grand Jury are acting on behalf of a Trial jury and finding him not guilty.

You would think that a Coroner’s verdict of homicide is in enough to indict the Officer but that is not the case given that the legal definition of Homicide is .

This is a message I received from a good Army Buddy yesterday. Such a shame that so many of use leave it too long before getting help 🙁

Mate have just read your ptsd site. As someone suffering even tho still in I just wanted to applaud your courage and bravado by speaking out
I've lost everything good I had by not dealing and am now that sad singlie living in the mess after going socially destructive.
Your work is inspirational bro. I haven't disclosed my problems to others (which similar to you is cied related but afghan) but you've made me realise I need to tackle it. Thank you.

Anonymous friend & good Army Buddy

Why I must interfere in a neighbour’s Situation


Last night a young girl was running around the street at around 23:00 (11pm) screaming for help. Her Mother had fainted and both my wife and I went across as well as a lady from half way down the street. She had had an epileptic fit and was nearly unconscious. I rendered first aid but had to go back across when she was more awake as our son was fast asleep in bed (my wife went across to check on him every few minutes).

It emerged that her ex-partner had beaten her up in the house earlier in the day and smashed the place up. What makes it worse is that the woman is pregnant.

Why I intend to interfere.

Normally I don’t interfere in neighbours’ situations but then I don’t know anybody that beats up females. However this is not the only factor that has swayed my decision. This woman is pregnant and if he did it again there could be a chance that life could be extinguished.

If I didn’t interfere then a woman who has kids already may lose her child it’s as simple as that.

That would mean that 10 years of service in the British Army would have been for nothing and all the time helping people in other countries would have been a waste of time.

Yet again…rant over